About Cindy Mould

CINDY Mould Industrial limited was founded in 2014. We are a high and new tech enterprise which is focus on plastic injection molding, precision machining components, die casting parts and silicone parts. With over 7 years development, we have became one of the TOP manufacturers in Chang’an Dongguan.


We have a design team with team members who have more than 10 years experience in related areas, as well as a team of more than 100 professional technicians. They can excellently complete all the work covering the whole process from the original product design, mold manufacturing, assembly and debugging to the finish machining of the products, and delivery of the product finally. They are aiming at providing the customers with professional, thoughtful, meticulous, timely service.


CINDY Mould offer not only mold and molding parts, but also a professional technical solution and long term support in custom-make parts for every customer. That Customer-centric company culture always keep urging us. We have been working with customers from USA and Europe for over 10 years and are quite familiar with DME and Hasco standards. We look forward to working with potential customers in future, and establish friendly relationship with customers all over the world.

Molds building Case Stories for reference
Before we build the mold, we review the part details with drawing and send DFM with moldflow included gate location, parting line, shrinkage, etc. information to customer.
Using Analysis and our mold/molding experience we were able to deliver mold that exceeded to desired output. Increasing productivity by 20% will save customers Thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the mold (expected at 1,000,000 shots).
Once get feedback from customer, we will design the mold and send 2D & 3D drawings to the customer for approval.
Case Stories - Part 1: TMING COVER

March of 2020, part information, moldflow and mold design

Case Stories - Part 2: FENDER CARRIER 43X

June of 2020, part information, moldflow and mold design

Case Stories - Part 3: LOWER COVER

July of 2020, part information, moldflow and mold design

Case Stories - Cycle Time Reduction
The products are not allowed to have defects such as flash, shrink mark, material flower, etc.
Our recommendations resulted in elimination of distortion during ejection, sink mark and reduced cycle time.
Case Stories - Cycle Time Reduction

Tooling #1 completed on June of 2019

Case Stories - Cycle Time Reduction

Tooling 2 completed on April of 2020

Case Stories: 2-shot Rotational Success
2-shot Rotational Success
Mold with two kinds of plastic material molding on one same injection-molding machine, we called double-material (2K) injection molding. Split with two times molding, the part only has one time de-molding, completed by one set of mold, requires a special 2K injection molding machine. The 2K mold needs to consider the pre-compression of the sealing of the second time product molding.
Below 2 shots mold case story. Completed program in 10 weeks included design and molds. Molds shipped to Germany for production on June, 2020.
2 shot Rotational – Part 1 (PP+20%)
2 shot Rotational – Part 2 (TPE)
2 shot Rotational – Tooling details
Assembly & Secondary Operations
Fully capable of managing secondary operations, assembly and even final packaging ready for shipment to your warehouse.