DFM & Mold Design
We provide engineering guidance to help you design moldable parts that are optimized for manufacture. From tool design concepts to process development and validation, we ensure that all aspects of production meet the ultimate goal of producing high-quality injection molded parts.
Product Design Assistance
Support in the design of product features, specs and industrial design follow. We can support you in development of your new projects or re-design current products and implement these steps on behalf of clients by meeting in person and teleconferencing with you and your sales & marketing and technical people each step of the way.
Project Management
We have seven (7) professional English, Japanese and German -speaking project management engineers
Mold Manufacturing
Our mold making department is capable of constructing numerous types of injection molds with significant experience in most modern mold construction systems.
Quality Control
We are confident that our QA team will ensure the quality of your project along with the newest equipment, which we are always updating, to cater to the demand of customers.
  • Mold Design Control
  • Mold Steel Hardness Inspection
  • Mold Electrodes Inspection
  • Mold Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
  • Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection
  • Mold Trial Report and Samples Inspection
  • Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
  • Export Product Package Inspection

Injection Molding Operations

We are a full service Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer in custom manufacturing. With our experienced tool makers and setters we can achieve optimum product output in a minimum of time. Your product is molded to your specifications and put through our quality inspection department to guarantee accuracy and quality at all times.

  • On-site injection plastic mold repair & maintenance
  • Injection machines ranging from 80T – 1600T
  • 24-hour plastic molding manufacturing shifts
  • Long and short plastic injection molding production runs
  • Insert molding, dual-color molding service
  • Extensive capabilities to process engineered raw materials and complex filled-polymer compounds
  • Large and small parts
  • Low and high volume
  • Tight Tolerance and Quality Controls
  • View of Injection Molding
Assembly and Secondary Operations

Fully capable of managing secondary operations, assembly and even final packaging ready for shipment to your warehouse.

Logistics / Finalization

Finalization is an end process by our quality team to make sure everything is ready for shipping and meets all the customer requirements and specifications.

  • Documentation

    Complete documentation, 2D Mold Drawing and 3D Mold Drawings, trial parameters, trial video, material certifications, Dimensional Report

  • Final Mold Test

    Depending on customer requirements we can run the tool for up to 8 hours before shipping (with resin supplied)

  • Specifications

    Quality team will review the original customer specifications to insure all requirements have been met

  • Packaging

    Vacuum sealed and special shipping container to prevent damage during shipment.

After Sales Service Network (ASSN)

Using our global network to service our customers around the world.